WEB Laboratory contract

WEB-LABO is a LABO-style contract, maintaining a group of experienced engineers for a certain period of time to carry out a system development project. The difference of WEB-LABO is that customers can monitor the group's working situation through WEB-Camera.
The system development room is equipped with a WEB-camera, customers can always know the working status of the team.
Exchange tasks and receive instructions through ZOOM meetings.
The team leader is fluent in Japanese/English and can work directly without needing an interpreter.
Provide working groups of 3 ~ 5 members.

Contract development

We provide system development services according to orders, and can participate in projects from collecting customer requirements to implementing and operating the system.


Requirements ; Design ; Code/Test ; Deploy ; Maintenance ;


ROS/ROS2 ; WEB app ; Mobile app ;


Golang ; Swift ; Php ; C# ; Python ; Javascript ; Dart ; Java ;


Flutter ; Angular ; Cake ; Slim ; Flask ; Django ;


Backlog ; Mantis ; Scrum ;


Production ; Tourism ; E-commerce ; Office ;

Package customizing

During the company's more than eight years of operation, we have developed a number of information systems that are operating effectively for our customers and our own company. These systems can be customized according to requirements and deployed to other customers, thereby reducing system implementation time and costs many times.


2,500~5,000 USD / package ; 50~250 USD / month ;

Deploy time

1~2 months ;


Cloud ; On-Premise ;


Subscription ; Perpetual licensing ;

Timekeeping system

Automatic timekeeping with fingerprint scanner.
Report working hours for each project, manage original price.
Leave management, leaving early and leaving late
Integrate payroll system: manage payroll, benefits, insurance.


Hệ thống quản lý tài liệu

Create arbitrary input forms
Flexible data entry
Set up a custom document approval process
Automatic notification function
Save document certification history
Export excel file


Sales management system

Place an order with full images of the item
Allow to reserve items for sale for a specified time
Allow to sell goods in stock or order directly from suppliers
Manage the transfer of goods between stores and warehouses
Plan and manage purchasing orders from suppliers
Manage import and export of each store and each warehouse
Inventory of goods


Environmental monitoring system

Use IoT sensor devices to automatically collect real-time data and reduce work time. When an unusual problem occurs, a notification is sent to the smartphone, allowing for quick response to the problem. Using a wireless sensor called Ruuvi, it can be placed in places where wires cannot be connected. The sensor communicates via the BLE energy-saving protocol so it can operate for about 1 year on just one battery. The system can monitor the battery status of each sensor.


Factory cafeteria management system

UniCanteen is a system for managing cafeterias for employees. This system supports orders and order monitoring, provision monitoring, and report export. As a result, the time required for course registration, course number confirmation, course provision, monitoring and reporting in cafeteria management is shortened, and errors can be reduced.


School bus management system

The system allows parents to register a pick-up route for their child, track student location in real time, report text messages when students get on and off the bus, and search for the nearest bus route.


System introduction support

We support the deployment and operation of information technology systems to help improve business performance.


Asprova is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system that creates production schedules at high speed for multiple items and multiple processes, fully integrating sales, manufacturing, inventory and purchase plans.



i-Reporter provides a wide variety of features to help your business go digital and paperless no matter the industry.