School Bus

This is a system for tracking school buses, designed to help parents monitor their children's bus status, ensuring a smooth and safe journey to school.


Real-Time Monitoring

Always check the status of your child and the bus while it's in operation.

Customized Notifications

Set up real-time information notifications. In addition to boarding and disembarking, you can also configure notifications for when the bus has departed.

Find Nearest Bus Station

If you miss the bus or are running late, you can search for the nearest bus station and departure times at your current location.

Problems and Solutions for School Bus Management



Difficult Bus Registration

Parents often face difficulties in conveniently registering their children for the school bus. Registration information can be lost or subject to errors.


Easy Bus Registration

The application makes it easy for parents to register their children for the bus and view real-time location and time on the map.

Inability to Monitor Buses

Parents worry about not knowing the exact location of the school bus and the times when their children board and disembark.


Real-Time Tracking

The application provides a real-time tracking feature for school buses. Parents can know exactly where their children are on the road.

News and Schedule Changes

Information about schedule changes or urgent notifications is not effectively communicated to parents.


Automated Messaging Service

The application sends notifications via mobile messages to inform parents of any changes related to student transportation.

Limited Communication

Communication between schools and parents may not be smooth, leading to misunderstandings or inefficient information exchange.


Effective Communication Channel

The application allows parents and schools to communicate easily. A messaging thread is created to exchange information related to student transportation.

Challenges in Management

Schools face challenges in managing transportation information, registration confirmations, and detailed and easy tracking of bus locations.


Easy Management

Administrators can easily manage transportation information, registration confirmations, and send notifications.